Hello dear readers. We've seen blue and yellow themed wedding. Have you decided on which colour which suit you the most? My personal favourite is Lavender / Violet.

Purple: Often associated with both royalty and luxury, purple is a passionate color. Choosing purple symbolizes dignity, tolerance and value. Violet lovers tend to be unconventional and observant, with a multifaceted personality. Tolerant and witty, purple devotees are likely to achieve authoritative positions. From light lavender and lilac buffs, who tend to be charming, witty and cultured, to deep eggplant lovers, who are creative and talented, purple can be provocative or sweet.

Another side of the colour expressions are lavender and violet.
and for that, we bring you some wedding inspirations for the bride to be's out there...

Luxurious wine red dress with distinc details on the waist, indicates a strong gesture of love and passion.